Talking House

Talking House Logo - The Goad Team

The Goad Team will turn your house into a mini radio station.


Talking House Transmitter - The Goad Team

The Goad Team will install a small, attractive radio transmitter in your house. This transmitter will instantly turn your house into a mini radio station, only this radio station's sole purpose is to broadcast information about your hosue and to SELL YOUR HOUSE, FAST AND FOR TOP DOLLAR.



Talking House Sign - The Goad TeamNext, The Goad Team will place a sign outside your house, encouraging buyers to tune in and hear all about the features your house has to offer.




Now you get to watch as people stop, tune in, and listen to The Goad Team telling them all  about the special features that your house has to offer.  We encourage buyers to call, text  or visit our website for more information and to schedule a private viewing of your house.



For more information about Talking House, watch the video below,

or call The Goad Team today at 702-907-GOAD (4623).